1、The conventional method to measure the hole size
       The use of eye measure minimum hole (the narrowest location)     According to the diagram of the meter scale, and the narrow 4 position, and the size of the smallest. (of)     Results: according to the diagram of measuring the height of left, right, in 3 position, take one of the smallestsize. (of)     The width of the hole by 10MM, the size of the hole by 5MM, the actual size is the last door.     The conventional structure of the 2 hanging sliding door Door hanging sliding door sub frame, composition. The general frame is divided into: hanging rails, frame. The window head frame is divided into: right side sealing, large plate, wire, hanging rails, frame The door leaf: light enterprises, groove, above and below, plate, shell nosing The lower rail are: under the rail, light rail waterproof Classification of 3 hanging sliding door The 88 hanging dorsal frame width 88MM. The door leaf are: 88, 93, 108 material material material three. The main characteristics of the 4 rail sliding The rail sliding rail, go: next, weight, size control generally unaffected by the door. The push up and relatively stable, smooth. The anti-collision performance than the common hanging more elastic. 5 luxury conventional structure of folding door A, big folding door is generally divided into 60 material, 70 material two. B, big folding door frame, door hinge, a lock bolt components,. The frame includes: on the track, next track frame. The lower rail is composed of flat rail, lower rail, high rail,the middle and the lower rail and rail have waterproof function. The door leaf is composed of light enterprises, above and below, hook tongue. The hinge, hinge, hinge by the height of flat handle hinge, single track, flat under the rail, double track,double rail. 6, flat open door to the The door lock to is divided into: the left lock, lock, lock right left open, the right lock open four. The key structure of 7 folding door General installation method 8 hanging sliding door Firstly, on the border of the frame rail flat, connect. ⑵ the frame into the hole. The wooden tip adjust horizontal perpendicularity. In the size of holes or fixed, the outer frame is fixed on the wall. The first door into the corresponding position on the rail, and the hanging rail straight pieces inserted inside thefan on the top of the chute. The levelness, verticality adjusting door. The corresponding to the door below ground, install positioner (operation: gong wire hanging round the tight and loose), pay attention to in the distance is 42MM. General installation method 9, flush doors General installation method 10 folding door A, the door into the hole. B, the upper and lower rail fixed block with wire Gong gong wire pliers to loosen. C, the door is pushed to the middle position. D, with the wooden tip adjust horizontal, vertical. E, the door frame is fixed on the wall. F, put the suspension to promote the middle door, to promote the original position, the Luo silk can be tightened. General installation method 11 rail sliding door ⑴ the doorframe flat on the ground, connect the track; rail and frame wire gongs or corner. The door into the hole. The horizontal vertical wooden tip adjust frame. The door frame is fixed on the wall. The door into the door has been installed. I put the door onto the frame position, see whether level, verticality and frame agreement. The lock is locked on the corresponding position, then it is fixed on the frame. General installation method 12, luxurious big folding door In the upper rail, rail frame, flat on the ground, Luo silk or corner connecting them. ⑵ the embedded frame into the hole, and then point wood or wood to adjust its horizontal, vertical. The Luo silk frame fixed to the wall. ⑷ from left to right, respectively, to write 1 left, left 2, left 3 or left the door in order to connect. ⑸ from right to left, but also use the same method, respectively, the right 1, right 2, 3 right or right of the doorin order to connect. I note: in the process of connecting, must make each grain of gong wire tightening, otherwise after installation,the door will be too big or too small phenomenon. And finally to lock the door fan can be installed. 13, the hollow door hanging glass inlay method The first glass flat glass, below the best with a flat wooden pad. ⑵ the door leaf, light enterprises, below, hooked rabbet gong wire connected with. It connects the door slowly on glass. Note: in a glass front should be clear glass is negative. (according to the normal situation general locking means is positive) And the good glass frame, first installed on the top, then tighten the wire gongs, reload hanging code. The paste adhesive strip or lay the glass glue can be. 14, the hollow door glass inlay method The Luo rod or a corner connecting doors on both sides of the vertical materials and below. ⑵ the glass flat on the wood pad. When the door frame slowly on glass, and then put the above Luo rod or bracket tightening. Finally on the adhesive strip or a plastic glass. 15, folding door glass inlay method The first handle and two vertical folding door material connected by wire gongs. We put it flat, upper glass -- from the direction above the door into the door, glass door under -- into fromunder the direction of door set. According to above, the bottom into the door, and then good Gong wire. Finally glue

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